6. Applicable law. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California, regardless of the choice of legal provisions. This agreement is not subject to the United Nations Convention on International Goods Contracts, the application of which is expressly excluded. You will continue with the same Pixologic identifier, but the indeterminate license gives a new serial number to your account. You must then disable your subscription copy of the software, either through the Pixologic Deactivation Manager in your installation directory or via the “My Licenses” website. When you launch the software next year, you`ll be asked to activate it, then simply choose the serial number for your indeterminate license, not the subscription serial number. Also be sure to cancel your subscription to prevent it from being charged again. Yes, yes. You can run your software on any computer, as in the case of an indeterminate license. You can also switch from a computer at any time by disabling from a computer and activating a new one. Keep in mind that subscription licenses are single user licenses. You can activate the software simultaneously on up to two computers.

However, the software should not be used simultaneously on the secondary computer, while the software is used on the main computer. 2.3 Academic version of students. University versions should not be used for commercial, professional or other purposes for profit. A license for university versions may be updated in accordance with PIXOLOGIC`s policy at the time of upgrading to a commercial license. Reduced upgrades are only available for indeterminate licenses. A ZBrushCore user still has the option to purchase a ZBrush subscription license at a normal cost. 2. Uses and restrictions allowed. You agree not to transfer, transfer, lease, lease, sublicensing or lend the Software to another person or organization, unless expressly intended and any attempt to do so in any other way is null and void. You agree not to use, copy or modify all or part of the Software, unless expressly stated in this Agreement.

You cannot distribute the program or documentation to third parties or make it available in any other way.

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