They worked hard to earn their associate degree. We worked closely with Westchester Community College to plan the coursework you needed to easily tap into one of our New York Tech licensing courses. This certificate may be useful for students who are pursuing non-transferable vocational studies, but who require additional general education courses to be transferred or for students who intend to change after one year. Washtenaw Community College and Wayne State have a long-standing relationship and work closely together to ensure student success. Students can transfer up to 64 washtenaw credits to the WSU diploma (more if you follow certain articulation agreements). The WCC has joint agreements in various areas of the programme with subsequent four-year institutions. To view a certain articulation agreement, click on the name of the university or university. It is never too early to start planning a smooth transition to another institution. Ideally, you would declare your intention to transfer for courses during your first semester or even before you register. Below is a general timetable for transfer planning: The Virginia Education Wizard is designed to help students find careers, find university majors, identify and compare their career interests, estimate and compare college costs, find and apply for financial support and scholarships, and plan their transfer from community schools to four-year institutions. Do you have any questions? So the TSSC is the place to be! We can provide you with transfer plans to ensure that your washtenaw courses are transferred and will help you successfully move to Wayne State.

All two-year transferable diplomas and all four-year diplomas require a general course. It is important to choose the appropriate courses to meet the educational requirements, while you choose courses that are not required at the WCC, but that meet the requirements of the program you wish to take at the four-year university. Below is a list of WCC courses generally accepted at most four-year colleges and universities in Virginia, which meet some of their general education requirements at a lower level.

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