Diana Hunting Tours – Limpopo Travel A/S has taken steps to ensure that they can provide the legal protection necessary to repay all payments made and, if the package involves transportation, guarantee your transportation at home if they are declared bankrupt or in default. During the visit: All items of a personal nature, including linen, wine and alcohol (excluding items on the itinerary), and items that are not on regular menus, or meals on public holidays, where they are not provided as part of holiday expenses. Cancellation and accident insurance are not included in travel expenses. Keyrow Tours STRONGLY encourages the customer to have travel insurance for the visit. Keyrow Tours recommends that customers use AAA Travel (Bivian can be contacted at (607) 330-4477 or (607) 330-4438 for a complete and in-depth comparison of available coverage. Keyrow Tours informs the customer that insurance companies require travelers to purchase policies within 14 days of the first travel payment. The customer is solely responsible for the organization of travel insurance and Keyrow Tours is not responsible for any damage or defects in the customer`s travel insurance coverage. The visit may be cancelled at any time, even after Traveler has left the United States for reasons beyond the control of High Pointe International Equestrian Tours LLC. High Pointe International Equestrian Tours LLC does not accept responsibility for such a cancellation, other than to reimburse the traveller for the full travel expenses. 7. The tour includes the services and facilities listed on the itinerary. If a single room is requested and available, an additional fee is charged.

The total cost of the tour is also subject to adjustment by High Pointe International Equestrian Tours LLC to reflect currency fluctuations, but such an adjustment is not made after the final payment of the entire touring fee. The client is committed to informing Keyrow Tours of any physical challenges or other special needs that may require accommodation or support on the tour prior to the visit. Keyrow Tours will do its best to provide accommodation for guests with special needs, but if these accommodations cannot be reasonably completed, Keyrow Tours will refund the customer`s down payment/payment in accordance with the above cancellation conditions. Since January 2005, smoking has not been permitted in most restaurants, cafes, bars and some public buildings in Italy. Smoking is also prohibited in taxis, trains, boats and private minibuses that are used during day trips and trips from airports and train stations. Many hotels have smoking rooms, a private balcony and public smoking terraces. The customer is responsible for complying with all applicable smoking laws. The tour contract is intended to be used in cases where a company wishes to enter into an agreement with a concert organizer for a series of concerts as part of a tour. The agreement is developed from the company`s point of view assuming that the company was created or is in possession or under the control of the artists whose performance is received by the promoter. If the client is a U.S.

citizen, the client must present a valid passport upon entering and departing from Italy. If the client is not a U.S. citizen, the client must comply with the laws and rules of all applicable government agencies. If the client has questions about non-resident cards (US) or other questions about travel documents, these questions should be addressed to Keyrow Tours at least two months prior to the visit. As of the date of this agreement, no vaccinations are required to travel to Italy.

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