It could be a room in a private apartment building, if it is rented by the Council or the housing corporation for subsidized housing. In public housing, there must be a common agreement between all residents or separate individual agreements granting the exclusive occupancy of a bedroom and the sharing of common areas. The latter option is generally the most appropriate, as joint agreements “make each tenant accountable jointly and repeatedly,” which means that if a person is late or otherwise violates the conditions, the other tenants are also subject to any action that the lessor wishes to take. When a tenant leaves, the entire contract expires and the lessor cannot issue a new contract for the other tenants. Hie Hayley I`m looking for a house to rent for assisted housing. I live in Lancashire. I have some recommendations to come, but none to place them. Please contact me for further discussions at [Log in to view email address] Could I also contact you, I find your comment liberating and I would only benefit from talking to you to ask all related questions to do with creating assisted accommodation. A service provider operating an assisted housing business is not required to allow the tenant to remain on the service provider`s website, as the OP wishes to establish assisted housing over the age of 16 that should refer the young person to LA`s dependant or to a responsible parent. The lease is a “Statutory Assured Shorthold” lease – on the lease (page 1), it shows a departure date and an end date – that end date does not mean that you must move or that your lease is terminated.

This is only the fixed term, usually a six-month period after which the lease is only valid every month until termination. Please note that you must inform us that you are leaving 28 days before your last day. Hello guys I wonder if anyone can help me. We are looking for our property to rent to a group of… LD or mental health, etc. We live in the north-west of England and are not currently looking for our own supported living charity, but only to rent our property for such a cause. I am RMN myself, but I do not understand the accommodation and how we inquire and register our property for interested people. Any advice would be very well accepted. Thanks in advance HAYLEY You probably have a license if your agreement allows employees to enter your home to provide support or check your well-being. Your rights in subsidized housing generally depend on who your landlord is and the type of assistance you receive. A lease is usually offered on a safe or secure short-term basis.

Guaranteed leases are not specifically time-limited and can only be terminated for certain reasons described in the Housing Act. You can get a landlord`s rental contract as proof of the use of the property and property management for the businesses, but you must show separate agreements for service and rental for the customer. You must include in your agreement that in the future, if tenants want to refuse your care service, they have the right to remain as tenants for the property and aims versa for accommodation. Hello Mark We are Milton Keynes based, but work a-county, so to speak.

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