If you provide services to a customer, such as repairs, facilities, landscaping, etc., you should use a service agreement to clearly define the terms of your services and prices for your customer. The model for recreational service agreements describes considerations for the provision of recreational services that may include swimming pools, arenas, libraries and public parks and maintained paths. This model is used for all services needed to provide IT and information management (IM) information, including application development services for custom applications and custom websites. Also use it for IT/IM consulting services for qualified people to provide advice and recommend solutions on IT/IM issues. P 882-2 printed among others. Antiparasitic Service Agreement Your company name Address City, Land, Postcode Customer Service Service Number Location City, State and person of… The draft agreement on water and wastewater service contains fundamental considerations for the sharing of distribution and sanitation services. Note that custom contract templates are not identical to custom contracts. Bespoke models have been approved by Legal Services for several contracts for similar services. If a custom contract with Legal Services is developed only for single use, contact the department`s procurement specialist or legal department before using it as a template for another contract. This model is used for all general service contracts, including professional services, with the exception of information technology and business advice for professional services and financial review and insurance services (see other forms of service contracts for these waivers). If in doubt, contact the ministry`s purchasing specialist, purchasing services, the Office of the Comptroller General for Procurement Governance or legal services.

If none of the existing service contract models meets the requirement, contact legal services to create a tailored contract. Some departments also have other agreement forms that have been approved by the legal services. Examples of such agreements include akwidersates (LOA), letters of formal notice, etc. These approved contract forms are included in the department`s legal ties. If your service provider does not have a service contract, you can present a service contract as a customer to avoid future complications that may arise due to the lack of formal agreement. The basic directive on contract models is contained in point 6.3.3.e.4 of the Basic Policy and Procedures Manual (CPPM). You will also be able to choose several specifications for how the agreement should be formed, including things like limitation of liability.

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