Carpet Repair

Behind the carpet repair and carpet restoration – carpet restoration is actually the correct term – is a very interesting and challenging craft. The claim of […]


Pricelist Teppichvollwäsche Berber, Nepal ,Orient, Kelim getuftete und handgeknüpfte Teppiche 15,90 EUR à/qm Web- und Langflorteppiche, Matten, Velours- und Schlingenteppiche 12,10 EUR à/qm Designerteppiche 23,90 EUR […]

Fitted Carpet Cleaning

Carpets offer not only the important functional comforts of sound insulation and thermal insulation but also a fairly easy routine cleaning. They contribute to a harmonious […]

Cleaning Process Upholstery

Upholstery cleaning, how does it work? Your armchair, sofa, or the whole furniture checks in. Your furniture is carefully logged and recorded upon pick up to […]