7.4 Менеджер параметров настройки. Flash Player – Flash Player – . Эти настройки не содержат персональной информации, которая касается лично Вас. Flash Player, Adobe AIR, . Менеджер параметров настройки Flash Player позволяет изменять такие настройки, включая ограничение на сохранение локальных совместно используемых объектов третьими лицами. . It`s settings.adobe.com/flashplayer/mobile. Эквивалентные настройки для программ сторонних производителей с использованием Adobe AIR можно удалить путем деинсталляции этих программ. 16.6.3 The customer may transmit a copy of the policy used by the Client for a particular file to an actonic printer or other service office, and such a service office may use the font or fonts for the processing of his file, provided that this service office has a valid license for the use of this specific font software. Adobe and its suppliers own all of the software`s intellectual property. Adobe allows you to copy, install, use and distribute the software only in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The use of certain third-party hardware contained in the software may be subject to other general conditions, which are usually found in a separate licensing agreement or a “Read Me” file near these materials or in the “additional software communications and/or general terms” of third parties found in www.adobe.com/go/thirdparty.

9.4 Third-party beneficiaries. You agree that any certification body on which you rely is a third party benefiting from this contract and that it has the right to apply this agreement in its own name, as if it were Adobe. (iv) No distribution of construction tools. This agreement does not give you the right to distribute construction tools (except files covered by third-party licenses that allow you to do so), documentation or runtime software. Under no circumstances should you take steps to subject the SDK to a license or scheme in which there is a condition of use, modification and/or distribution, or may be interpreted, that the SDK be disclosed or distributed as a condition for use, modification and/or distribution as a condition for use, modification and/or distribution in the source code; (B) licensed for the production of derivative works; or (C) are distributed free of charge. You will find information on obtaining the right to market these components with your product or service at www.adobe.com/go/redistributeairsdk. 14.2.1 If you purchased the software in Germany or Austria and usually reside in that country, Section 8 does not apply.

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